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Michel's brew Java Lobby

Welcome to my Java Web page. As a software developer I have been impressed by the capabilities of Java, especially it's ability of running code located on the Web. Here you will find some chosen samples of applets that I have written to illustrate that point.

Featured here is an image viewer that conveniently renders the image in a resizable window containing scrollbars. I have also included a more scientific application, namely least-squares fitting of discrete data to a continuous function. A very general choice of approximating functions are offered: nth degree linear and polynomial expansions. Of course your basic least-squares line is also included in these general categories. The output window is editable, so the user can conveniently select, copy and paste it's content into a local file.The graph of functions of one variable can also be plotted. Because of it's usefulness as an analysis tool, this applet will undoubtedly become a welcome addition to students and scientists alike who can now acquire their results using their favorite Web browser.

For the record, I have designed these applets to run on any Java-enabled browser, although I have only been able to test them on Explorer 3.0 and Netscape 4.05 for Windows. Any feedback from users of different environments would be appreciated.

Image viewer Image viewer
Login user interface Login user interface
Least-squares fitting of data Least-squares fitting of data

If you read french and would like to become acquainted with the capabilities of Java, you can consult my article "Le virage technologique vers le Java".

If you have any comments or suggestions, you can e-mail me.